Dental Fillings Treatment in Lancaster, CA

Dental Fillings Treatment in Lancaster, CA

At the Martin Orro, DDS dental practice in Lancaster, California, we use mercury-free, white dental fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are used to repair decayed or cracked teeth. Patients prefer white dental fillings in Lancaster, CA because they are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional silver restorations.

White Fillings in Lancaster, CA

White dental fillings are primarily used for cosmetic reasons. The tooth-colored material is more discreet, so the outcome looks natural. Traditional silver amalgam fillings are made of metal. Unlike amalgam, white fillings are made from silica, glass, quartz, or other types of ceramic. These particles are combined with a plastic (resin) base. This material is easily customized to match the exact color of your tooth enamel.

In addition, the white resin is a safer alternative to amalgam, which contains a fair amount of mercury. Amalgam dental restorations originated in 7th century China. Today, advances in modern dentistry have resulted in safer, newer materials with improved properties.

Mercury-Free Dental Fillings in Lancaster, California

Although it is believed to be safe for use in dental restorations, mercury is a poison. Therefore, the use of this dangerous substance has been controversial. For that reason, some countries have even banned the use of amalgam filling. Furthermore, mercury can seep into the air during the process of filling a cavity. So, it is not only a health concern, but mercury is also a threat to the environment.

Considering all the cons that come with silver amalgam, it is clear why Dr. Martin Orro, DDS prefers white fillings. At our Lancaster, CA, dental office, the fillings our dentist in Lancaster, CA uses are completely free of mercury.

Benefits of White Dental Fillings

Tooth-colored resin material bonds directly with your tooth enamel. As a result, white fillings can provide added strength. They become one with the treated tooth. For that reason, the tooth structure is strengthened and more stable. On the other hand, silver fillings can eventually weaken and damage your tooth. Over time, amalgam can even cause it to break.

What’s more, less tooth preparation is needed to place a white filling, and resin is easier to repair than amalgam. Most of the time, to fix a white filling, all we must do is add an additional layer. With amalgam, the entire fillings must be replaced.

If you live in Palmdale, Quartz Hill, West and Central Lancaster, Antelope Acres, Oban or the nearby areas and need dental fillings near you, our dentist in Lancaster can help. Call our dentist near you today.

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