Dental Bridges in Lancaster, CA

Dental Bridges in Lancaster, CA

Dr. Martin Orro places dental bridges in Lancaster, CA to correct tooth loss. Bridges prevent teeth from shifting out of their natural position. The dental restoration works by attaching a replacement tooth to either side of the natural teeth. You have the choice of either a temporary removable bridge or a permanent fixed bridge. Both restorations will help you maintain proper tooth alignment so you can eat and speak without difficulty.

Dental Bridges in Lancaster, CA

A tooth bridge is a dental appliance that covers an area of your mouth with missing teeth. On either end of the bridge is a dental crown. This restoration caps the teeth on each side of the gap being filled. One or more replacement teeth are connected to each crown to complete your smile.

During your procedure, your dentist in Lancaster, CA will first prepare the nearby teeth for the placement of the crowns. Tooth preparation involves removing some of the outer structure to ensure the dental crowns fit properly and securely. This is important since the crowns must support the entire bridge. Then, an impression will be made of your mouth. This mold will be used to make your bridge at a dental lab. After the natural-looking restoration is completed, your Lancaster dentist will ensure a proper fit. At this second appointment, your dentist will make sure the bridge fits comfortably and that the alignment is perfect.

Types of Dental Bridges in Lancaster, CA

The most common type is a conventional fixed bridge. For this permanent tooth replacement solution, two crowned teeth are on either side of the space left in your smile. This arrangement provides support for the dental bridge. Another version of the fixed bridge is the cantilever bridge. This type usually consists of three units, two side-by-side crowns connected to the prosthetic tooth. A cantilever bridge is not appropriate for back teeth that endure significant chewing forces. Instead, this bridge is best used to restore teeth toward the front of the mouth.

While you wait for your permanent bridge to be created, a temporary bridge will be placed. This bridge will not be as sturdy, but it will fill in your smile and will be easily removed when the time comes to secure your final bridge.

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