Crown Lengthening in Lancaster, California

Crown Lengthening in Lancaster, California

As dental technology advances to offer you more choices than ever to strengthen and preserve your oral health, the expertise of your dentist makes a tremendous amount of difference in achieving the results that you desire. Martin Orro, DDS, through experience and dental education and training, offers personalized, top-quality care to keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

Reasons for Needing Dental Crowns

When teeth are significantly damaged because of decay, trauma, grinding, or even normal functions, a root canal may be necessary to repair the tooth. Without root canal surgery, the tooth’s integrity is compromised, which could lead to further complications down the line, such as losing the tooth or worsening pain. Caps are placed on the teeth which undergo root canals to cover and protect the area that has been cleaned out and sealed. These are called dental crowns, and they mimic the appearance and feel of a natural tooth so well most patients can barely tell the difference.

Dental crowns are also used when a patient has chips, cavities, or breaks in the teeth. They prevent further bacteria from entering while strengthening the existing tooth.

Dental Crown Procedures

Crowns can be used on their own or as a supplement to certain dental treatments such as dental implants and root canal surgery. They can be used to repair and restore a single tooth or multiple teeth. Dental bridges and implants utilize crowns in replacing teeth.

Crown Lengthening

The part of the tooth showing is naturally called the crown. Sometimes, a tooth breaks near the gum, making it impossible for your dentist to place a dental crown to strengthen the tooth. To combat these obstacles, Martin Orro, DDS, can take some of the gum away from your tooth and reshape it so that more of your tooth is visible. Once this procedure is done, Dr. Martin Orro can then place the artificial crown on top of your affected tooth.

Crown lengthening can also be done for aesthetic purposes if they consider their smile to be too “gummy” or would like the appearance of longer, stronger teeth. Schedule an appointment at our dental office, located in Lancaster, California, today.

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