Crucial Facts to Know Before Getting Dental Crowns

Crucial Facts to Know Before Getting Dental Crowns

Oct 02, 2020

When you are scheduled for a restorative procedure, it is not hard to find your mind wandering through the endless possibilities of the outcome of your treatment. It often depends on why you are getting your treatment and the kind of procedure you are up for.

When it comes to getting dental crowns, it is important to learn a few things before you go through with the procedure. This allows you to prepare both your body and mind regarding the treatment and any other eventualities thereof.

What Are Dental Crowns?

They are tooth-shaped, tooth-colored porcelain materials that are made for usage in restorative dentistry. Their primary purpose is to repair and restore natural teeth, improving both functionality and appearance. Dental crowns in Lancaster CA have severally been used to perform different oral procedures, common ones including:

  • Treating decayed teeth
  • Improving the color of discolored teeth
  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Holding a dental filling in place
  • Capping a tooth after a root canal treatment
  • Covering a dental implant
  • Installing a dental bridge, to mention a few.

With such versatility, it is not hard to see why dental crowns near you are crucial in restorative dentistry. However, that is not all you must know about the oral appliances you are about to get.

What Is the Process of Getting Dental Crowns?

The first thing you must know about any procedure is whether or not it is surgical. A dentist in Lancaster CA will assure you that the installation of a dental crown does not involve any surgical measures. However, it depends on why the crown is being installed. If, for instance, your crown is to cover a dental implant, then the truth is that you may have already undergone a surgical procedure to install the dental implant. Aside from that, the steps involved in placing a crown include the following:

  1. Preparation – a dentist in a dental office near Lancaster must prepare your mouth and target tooth for the treatment. At this point, your dentist will determine whether or not you need local anesthesia to numb your mouth. After, the dentist will start trimming the enamel of your tooth. This process is necessary as a measure to remove any damaged part of your tooth. Aside from that, the enamel trimming helps create room for the porcelain dental crown in Lancaster to be installed. This implies that the amount of enamel shaved off is comparable to the size of the dental crown to be placed.
  2. Molding impressions – the impressions that are taken from your mouth are used as measurements for determining the right size of a dental crown for your tooth. The impressions will be used to create a dental crown for you over a couple of days before installation. In other cases, Martin Orro DDS in Lancaster CA may recommend same-day crowns for you, which allow the dental crowns to be installed the same day your tooth is prepared.
  3. Installation – once the crown to be placed is ready, it is attached using special dental cement. After the crown is fitted on your tooth, the cement is cured with laser technology or ultraviolet light to speed up the adherence process.

What You Should Expect

Depending on the type of crown you get, and the underlying reason you need a dental crown, you should expect:

  1. A painless procedure – the process of installing a dental crown is not painful. Local anesthesia is only used when the underlying reason for treatment involves significant damage to your tooth, which may cause pain during your treatment.
  2. A non-invasive procedure – other than the trimming of the enamel, nothing else is even remotely invasive about the installation of a dental crown.
  3. Quick transformation – installing a dental crown is a simple procedure. With same-day crowns, all your treatment can be completed within the same dental siting. You will notice the changes in your smile quicker than is the case for dental treatments like orthodontics.
  4. Different types of materials – a dentist in West and Central Lancaster and the surrounding areas of Quartz Hill, Antelope Acres, and the west side of Palmdale will tell you that there are many available materials for making dental crowns. They range from gold and silver to composite resins, ceramic, and glass ionomer.
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