7 Services Offered in Pediatric Dentistry

7 Services Offered in Pediatric Dentistry

Jul 07, 2020

Children at the most deserving of love. As they grow up, they are learning to interact with their new environment and the people around them. The role of a parent is to show love as much as possible creating a stable foundation from which they can lead an amazing life.

Unfortunately, some parents do not consider dental health care as a show of love instead there must be a reason Pediatric Dentistry in Lancaster, CA Is such a big deal to dentists. If you have not yet started your child on the first dental appointment as soon as they turn our year old, read on to know why you need to start immediately.

What is pediatric dentistry?

It is an area of dentistry that focuses solely on the dental health care needs of children, right from infancy to teenage years. It is not uncommon to hear a dentist in Lancaster CA stress on the importance of pediatric dentistry for your children.

What most parents fail to understand is that children have dental care needs that surpass those of adults. For one, kids are changing and growing in different ways. This as well affects they turn out of their oral cavities during the different stages of growth and development.

What Does Pediatric Dentistry Entail?

Different services are offered in pediatric dentistry so that every aspect of a child’s mouth is well catered to. If you are considering pediatric dentistry near you, here are some of the services you can expect thereof:

  • Professional teeth cleaning – if you thought deep cleans were only important for adults, you are mistaken. Children require frequent deep cleans to get rid of all plaque and tartar on their teeth that can be a cause of infection. Besides, kids struggle with the routines of oral hygiene, which can make it difficult for them to sustain a healthy mouth.
  • Oral hygiene techniques – other than deep teeth cleaning professionally done by a dentist, oral hygiene techniques are necessary. They will help your child stay afloat in between the professional cleans. These techniques will teach your child how to brush teeth and floss properly on a daily.
  • Fluoride treatment – they are essential for strengthening teeth. Ideally, a pediatric dentist near you will apply a coat of fluoride over the teeth of your child. This will strengthen the enamel of the teeth, making them more resistant to dental decay and cavities.
  • Dental sealants – are also beneficial for fighting dental decay and cavities. Sealants are plastic-like coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth. They fill up the pits, creating a seal that prevents entry of plaque and bacteria to the tooth. It, therefore, shields the teeth of children from cavities, particularly during the cavity-prone years of their lives.
  • Treating infections – dental offices near Lancaster are always ready to receive kids who have oral infections. A common infection is gum disease. However, tonsillitis, canker sores, and other oral problems all result from an infection. Besides, you will be shocked at how effective dentists are at detecting and treating other health problems that are not necessarily dental-related. Examples include sleep apnea, migraines, diabetes to mention a few.
  • Nutritional counseling and supplementation – the foods you consume directly impact the outcome of your health. Finding the right balance of nutrients and minerals from foods can do a lot of good in the dental health of your child. If you have tried to get your child to eat healthily, then you know how many failed attempts you have experienced that can be discouraging. Since dentists for kids have their way with children, they are better placed at offering nutritional counsel to both parents and kids.
  • Habit counseling – nutrition is not the only battle you may have with your child. Sometimes it is about the negative habits they pick up as they grow up. Some include thumb sucking, chewing fingernails, teeth grinding, to mention a few. If such habits are not dropped early enough, they have negative effects on the dental health of your child. Instead, a dental expert for kids will quickly identify the bad habits, and help your child overcome them. Better yet, there is a very high likelihood that your child will leave the dental office with new good habits that are beneficial for excellent oral health.
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